undefined Jess Deyo

Copy Editor, Writer

At the age of 7, Jess remembers sitting outside and gluing pages together that would later become one of her first books. Since then, Jess has pursued storytelling and magazine writing in an effort to explain and inform and plans to continue this mission through law school. Jess is eager to begin blogging with the LVNG Limitless community so she can further her passion for storytelling and reflect on her own experiences.

Jess is from Columbus, Ohio and is studying journalism at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. This summer, she will be interning with Ohio Magazine and will return to campus for her final year in the fall as an associate editor for Backdrop magazine. After college, she plans to study to become a criminal defense attorney. Keep up with Jess’s journey @DeyoJessica21 on Instagram and @DeyoJessica on Twitter.

undefined Samantha Webne


Creative outlets like writing, drawing and painting, have been part of Samantha’s life since she was a young girl. She loves being able to share her thoughts with others and is so excited to be joining the LVNG Limitless team to share her thoughts and opinions on beauty, fashion and more!

Samantha is originally from a small town in Toledo, Ohio and is currently studying retail fashion and product development at Ohio University. Stay up to date with her @samanthawebne on Instagram and @samantha_webne on Twitter.

Leah Maxey


Leah has been interested in blogging for about two years, but has always struggled to find her own unique way with words. LVNG Limitless is her first blogging endeavor and she is so excited to start experimenting with different styles and topics!

Leah is originally from northeast Ohio and is a recent graduate of Ohio University with a degree in Food & Nutrition Sciences. She hopes to become a Registered Dietitian and fitness instructor after college to advocate the importance of living a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. You can keep up with Leah @lemax_inchaarg on Instagram and @leahmaxey on Twitter.

undefined Brianna Koenick


New to blogging, Brianna was excited when approached by Grace, Hannah and Alicia to contribute to LVNG Limitless. She hopes this new platform will expand not only her writing skills, but also her audience with whom she can share her passion for travel, health and empowerment.

Brianna is from Brookeville, Maryland and is studying Biology and Global Health at the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University. You can keep up with Brianna @BriKoenick on instagram.

undefined Madi Sowders


Madi has always had a love for writing. She created short stories for fun all throughout elementary school, but became too busy to keep up with this hobby throughout high school. Madi is very excited to jump back into the art of writing through LVNG Limitless.

Madi is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently studying social work at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She is currently a volunteer at Athens County Children Services. You can keep up with Madi’s latest posts at @madi_sowders on Instagram and @madisowders on Twitter.

Kenzie Keaton

Media Contributor

Kenzie has always had a love for film and television and hopes to one day create content that someone else can fall in love with, too. Originally from a small, suburban Ohio town, Kenzie is now pursuing her dream of working in the media world as an integrated media major at Ohio University. Although her passion lies in videography and video editing, she is expanding her horizons by doing photography for and with her friends at LVNG Limitless.

As someone who prefers to stay behind the camera, Kenzie is inspired by her friends’ passion for blogging and self-expression and hopes to gain confidence in this realm as well. You can keep up with Kenzie on Twitter and Instagram at @keatonkenzie.