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Alicia Heninger

Co-Founder, Editor, Blogger

Alicia is originally from Chicago, Illinois and is studying Spanish Education and Spanish Language at the Patton College of Education at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. You can keep up with Alicia at @aliciaheninger on both Twitter and Instagram as well as read her personal blog LivePulchritudinously.

Alicia began blogging in 2012 on a variety of blogs both solo and with others. After a number of new blogs, redesigns and blogging hiatuses, she began to spend a majority of her time on her studies and other student organizations. Once Grace texted her with the idea to start a joint blog to write about the things she loves most: wellness, travel, empowerment and more, Alicia decided to focus on what she loves and make blogging a priority in her life once again.

Grace Dearing

Co-Founder, Editor, Blogger

Grace began blogging in 2015. Since then, her blog has gone through various redesigns and was often forgotten about as she began focusing on magazine journalism. Unhappy with how she’d neglected her love for blogging, Grace decided to start LVNG Limitless with the people who inspire her creativity the most in the hopes of sharing her love of wellness, entertainment, empowerment and more with others.

Grace is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently studying journalism at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She is an associate editor at Backdrop magazine and an occasional freelancer for Cincinnati Magazine. You can keep up with Grace’s latest posts at @g.dearing on Instagram and @grace_dearing_ on Twitter.

Hannah Morris

Co-Founder, Media Director, Blogger

Hannah enjoys writing about things she loves & all things social media related. Growing up she developed a passion for creating and the visual arts. She’s always aspired to be YouTube content creator & blogger, but her personal insecurities kept her from doing it. Through the help of her best friends & co-founders of LVNG Limitless she is able to finally turn that dream into a reality.

Hannah is from Columbus, Ohio and is currently studying Integrated Media at the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University in Athens. You can see what Hannah’s up to @h4nn4hm0rris on Instagram and Twitter.