These first few weeks of the semester have been considerably easier for me than past semesters. With a significantly smaller course load and a significantly less stressful job, I’ve found plenty of time to relax, keep up with homework, and hang out with friends. However, this upcoming month is going to be full of midterms, presentations, and loads of club events. I can already feel the anxiety and stress creeping in and my free time becoming limited, but I’ve made a goal for myself to stay organized and prepared for everything coming up.


I’ve always struggled with keeping up with my planner. At the beginning of every school year, every day is neatly scheduled and every assignment is written out, but a few weeks in, I lose motivation to continue with it and end up barely using it. However, this semester I’ve really focused on keeping my planner updated. I know once I’m out of college, keeping my life organized and remembering key dates will be even more crucial than it is now, so I’m determined to make this habit stick. To help with this, I’m going to try and set aside five minutes every day to dedicate to my planner. Even just these few minutes, I know, will have a big impact on my grades and my sanity throughout the semester. 


I’ve also made it a goal to make sure I make the time for both self-care and quality time with my friends. Fall has always been my favorite season, and I love doing all of those ~basic~ fall things, such as reading Harry Potter and going to a pumpkin patch. With this being my last fall in Athens, I really want to make sure I enjoy every moment of the changing leaves and sweater weather, and I want to soak up every moment I can with my friends during this time.


Overall, I’m really aiming to keep a positive perspective on this upcoming month. I really want this last year to be special and memorable, while still maintaining good grades in my classes. I know that with the help and support of my friends [who are both always down to study or do anything but], I’ll be able to make the most of my last fall semester here at OU. 

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