In March, when the idea for LVNG Limitless was created, I felt more inspired than I ever have before. Sophomore year, I started to feel really lost and unsure of what I was really doing, but once Alicia, Grace, and I got to talking, I started to find my purpose and gain confidence in what I was doing again. The last few months of sophomore year were filled with feeling inspired and excited and I loved every second of it.

Once May hit, my inspiration ended as I began working nonstop. I moved back home on a Saturday afternoon and began working 12 hours a day that following Monday and since then,  I was constantly doing something for work. Everything I was excited about had gone away. This has lasted for months and as of recently, I realized how huge a toll it took on me. 

I was starting to realize how tired I was of feeling this way and how frustrated I was. It got to the point where I sat myself down and compared what I have been doing now compared to what I was doing a few months ago. I picked out a few small things I did that I remember helped spark my inspiration. I’ve started to do those things again and they have already helped so much. Here are a few of my tips for finding some inspiration:

Listen to podcasts

I love listening to podcasts that spark creativity and inspiration. Last March I listened to a podcast of one of my favorite podcasts, GirlBoss Radio. One of the first episodes I listened to was all about finding your purpose. This podcast was the beginning of me feeling inspired and I can remember how on top of the world I felt that day. That is the feeling I’ve been wanting to feel again. I started to listen to other podcasts from GirlBoss radio that have helped me find some new inspiration and it’s already helped so much. 


Journaling is my number one go-to when I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and need to get things off my chest. I also rely on it to write out my new ideas, aspirations, and goals. When I notice I feel like I have a lot going on and the stress is building up, I write it all out and I instantly feel calmer and then I set goals for myself based on all I have to do. On the other hand, when I do feel inspired I write it out so I can remember it and come back to it when I’m feeling lost. I also set goals for myself based on these new inspirations [I’m a big goal setter if you couldn’t tell]. I try to incorporate journaling into my daily routine to help keep my thoughts on track. 


Pinterest is one of the number one places I go to when I am looking for creative inspiration. Whether I’m looking for room decor inspo, tattoo inspo, or even blog inspo, Pinterest has something that will spark some new ideas within me. My Pinterest is full of saved ideas I have for myself and I like to go back to it whenever I am stuck. 

Unplugging more & getting outside

A lot of times I resort to my phone as an escape from feeling lost or stressed, but I’ve been realizing how little it actually helps me. Lately, I’ve found that unplugging, getting outside, and spending quality time with loved ones is the perfect way to help me feel rejuvenated.

These practices are easy to incorporate into a daily routine to help keep yourself motivated. I highly suggest trying these out because you will surely be left feeling refreshed and excited about new ideas!

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