The first time I met my 60 pound, four-legged friend, I had no intention of bringing a new family member home. However, she had a different plan in mind. I was walking around a festival in late September of 2016 and wandered into a booth for Adopt A Pit Rescue. There were loads of people surrounding this booth, at least 10 dogs wearing cute little ‘adopt me’ vests and I knew I had to get some puppy-love in. In the very back there was still one puppy in her crate. I asked if I could take her out and they happily leashed her up for me. 

She was a gorgeous black lab and pit bull mix and she had the happiest smile I had ever seen. My family gathered in a park next to the booth and we sat in a circle with the puppy in the middle of us. She could barely contain her excitement, jumping around from person to person, giving us all sloppy kisses and sharing all the love she had. We had an instant connection with her, and by the looks of it the feeling was mutual. I started to think we just might bring this cutie home with us today.

It turns out she had a rather rough start to life. Her previous owner was very sick, and when emergency services went to check on her owner they found our puppy too. She was locked in a closet, completely malnourished. You wouldn’t have guessed that by the energetic, all around happy dog that was playing in front of me. However, I sometimes wonder if that’s why she was so happy. She knew she found a family that would love her and spoil her for the rest of her life. 

Later that day the rescue brought the puppy to our house. It’s normal for rescues to do in-home visits to insure it’s the best possible home for the dog. After a lot of paperwork and a great home visit, the puppy was ours! At this point, I think we were all still in shock, how did we come home with a dog? As our new puppy ran around our living room, making herself completely at home, I think we all knew that she picked us a family and we didn’t have much say in the matter.

That evening we decided on a name, Maggie Mae, after a favorite song of the families. Maggie was instantly spoiled with treats, toys, and as many tug-of-war games as she wanted. She quickly took to my younger brother, the two of them becoming an inseparable duo. I loved knowing they would always have a friend in each other.

Over the past few years Maggie has grown into a large part of our family. My mom loves to wake up on weekend mornings and make Maggie scrambled eggs. My stepfather takes Maggie for car rides (her favorite thing in the world) many times each week, and my brother never gets sick of the wrestling matches they have. Maggie and I spend many afternoons hiking around our local parks or getting puppy cones at the ice cream shop. She makes up for all of this by always offering the best snuggles and kisses you could ask for. 

Whenever anyone asks me if they should rescue a dog, I enthusiastically answer yes. Not only have we given Maggie a better life but we gained an important part of our family. It may seem crazy, but I know that she is thankful that we took her in and gave her a home. Every night when we head to bed she lays her head on me and gives me a lick on my cheek, and I’ve always taken this as her telling me that she loves me. I love her too, more than I ever thought possible. My story just proves that there are no bad breeds, just bad owners. If you give all of your love, you’ll get the pups love in return.

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