Skipping kindergarten has caused me to always be the youngest person in my grade. Throughout middle school and high school, that never bothered me [minus the period when all of my friends got their driver’s licenses and I still had a year to go]. Even when I graduated high school and began my first semester of college, before I turned eighteen, I didn’t feel different than all of the others who were doing the same. However, since starting my third and final year of college, it’s all began to rush towards me. 

After coming into college with some credits from high school and taking 18 or more credit hours a semester during my first two years of college, I’m now graduating early. I came into college with the intention of being able to graduate at least a semester, if not two, early [just one less semester is a couple thousand dollars less in student loans!]. Yet, now that I’ve managed to cut off almost a year’s worth of classes, I’m suddenly realizing how close I am to having to be a functioning adult in the “real” world. Not to mention, the fact that I won’t even be twenty-one by the time I graduate is not helping with the anxiety. How can I be a real adult if I can’t even have an adult drink?

With all of this stress about going out in the “real” world looming nearby, I’m trying to make the most of my last two semesters on campus. This is the first semester that I’m taking less than 15 credit hours and I’m so glad that I made the decision to lighten up on classes. This allows me to better dedicate myself to my on-campus internship and gives me the opportunity to take on bigger roles in the organizations I am involved in on campus. It also gives me more free time to hang out with my friends and to create memories that I know I’ll forever be grateful for. 

I’m only one week into the fall semester, but I already know that it’s going to be a semester that I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to see how I grow during not only this semester but this school year as a whole and all the people I will connect with during my last year as an Ohio University student.

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