Living in the dorms can be both the best and worst part of college. For some, it’s exciting to live with a roommate, but others absolutely dread it. My first two years living in the dorms have been great experiences. This year I am going into my third year living in a dorm because I work as a Resident Assistant [RA]. This is my second year working as an RA and a wonderful perk of the job is getting my own free room! This leaves me with a whole double-sized dorm to myself — and I get to style it myself too. \

Dorm decorating was one of the most exciting things for me when coming to college. Because I am going into my third year living in the dorms, I’ve outgrown some decor and acquired some new items.. When shopping for decor, I am constantly looking for items that are budget friendly [as always] and/or items that I will be able to use in my future apartment. 


This year I took a lot of inspo for my dorm decorations from Pinterest and Instagram. I have been really into vintage patterned rugs and the colors of a sunset. The rug I have is the cutest burnt orange patterned rug that was given to me as a hand me down from my parents [thanks mom and dad, you saved me 200 dollars!]. This rug is the focal point of my room and the basis for my color scheme.

IMG_9502-2 (1)

My bedspread is the same one I’ve had since my junior year of high school. It’s a queen-sized fluffy grey comforter from Target. The oversized bedspread helps hide the ~unattractive~ storage under my bed and also makes the generic twin xl dorm bed look way more cozy. 

IMG_9498-2 (1)

This year, my room has a cute window nook that I decided to put my bed into. With my headboard against the window, paired with my fluffy comforter and fairy lights, I’ve created such a cozy feel that makes it so hard to get out of bed in the mornings. At the foot of my bed sits a beat up vintage trunk from my dad’s college years. This trunk is the perfect storage for my winter clothes, but still adds a bit of style to the room.


IMG_9504-2 (1)

To the right of my bed is another little nook with my desk and futon. Freshman year of college I bought this desk hutch that not only helps me keep organized but adds a nice touch to my desk. On the hutch, I added some decor items like an old polaroid camera [found at goodwill for 4 dollars!], a skull shaped bottle and old, orange tins to tie together some of  my room colors. Right next to my desk is a black futon from IKEA that I got on sale for 75 dollars— it’s super simple looking, but I spiced it up with a blush pink knit throw blanket and a patterned pillow. The wall above the futon is currently bare, but I am waiting to get a tapestry from Urban Outfitters to help cover up the blank wall. Tapestries are such an easy way to spice up a dorm room. The slanted wall across the way is the perfect blank canvas for a gallery wall where I’ve hung a collection of different girl-power inspired prints and pictures, from my #INCHAARG sticker to the Planned Parenthood poster I held at the 2019 Women’s March on Washington. 


On the other side of the room is less exciting as it holds my makeshift kitchen nook with a fridge and microwave. Right next to that is my mirror and sink. I made it into more of a vanity by moving my desk chair to the sink [let’s be real, no homework is getting done at my dorm desk — that’s what Sunday’s at Donkey Coffee are meant for]. To make this area look a little cuter, I organized my skincare products and makeup items and put them on display. 


My dorm has really come together after a few weeks of moving in. I am still looking for a few more items to spruce up the space, such as a large, floor length mirror and the tapestry from UO. I love my space and decorating it makes it feel so homey. I am excited for this to be my dorm for the year!

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