Three of our very own LVNG Limitless writers [Kenzie, Jess and myself] will be graduating from Ohio University in May. Over the next nine months, the three of us will share our personal insight on what this “Road to Graduation” is like, how we’re navigating our last year and the lessons we’re learning along the way. 


Growing up, I always envisioned a specific future for myself: a college graduate living in an apartment in a big city with a best friend [or 5]. Every Monday through Friday, I will leave said apartment at the crack of dawn for my teaching job, donning professional attire, an oversized purse slung over one shoulder and, of course, a large cup of coffee gripped tightly in one hand. 

In less than a year, that will be my reality. 


Today, I began my last first day of college. My last first day of work. My last first day as an undergraduate student. My entire college career has been a whirlwind. After moving from Chicago to start college at San Diego State University, taking a gap year my second year to work and volunteer abroad in Peru, I finally [somehow] ended up at my second home: Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where I will have studied abroad twice by the time I graduate. 


I can’t say I’ve had a typical college experience, butI can’t say I’m shocked or upset. I’ve always been very conscious of what other people think of me. For a while, this made me think I was very indecisive. In reality, I’m the most decisive person on this planet. I know what I want and I always have. College has given me the chance to learn what I want and how to vocalize what I want and I know that I will only continue to learn how to do this. 


I don’t know what next year has in store for me —I don’t even know what tomorrow has in store for me. But I do know one thing: I’m going to be enjoying this road to graduation for the next 35 weeks; taking in every feeling, living in every moment and participating in every possible adventure I can.


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