This summer, I became very passionate about living a greener life. With a surplus of resources at home, this was simple to do.  I’m back on campus now and don’t want to drop these new habits I established,, so now, I’m trying to be more sustainable here at Ohio University.

All of us use a toothbrush everyday [hopefully] and dentists recommend we throw away our toothbrushes in exchange for a new one every 6 months. Just think about all of the toothbrushes sitting in landfills. Last spring I made the switch to an EcoFrenzy Bamboo Toothbrush. This toothbrush is 100% biodegradable and the packaging is even zero waste. Add a bit of a review and why bamboo is better.

Another part of my bathroom routine I transitioned to a more environmentally friendly option was the switch from liquid soap to bar soap. Bar soap has little to no packaging compared to the packaging and plastic when it comes to liquid soap. Bar soap also comes in the same variety of scents as liquid soap. This is saving a plastic bottle not only at my kitchen sink but also in the shower. Add a little bit of why else it’s better + link a few. 

Kitchen utensils [forks, knives, spoons,etc.] are also a huge part of our daily lives. My freshman year I got into a very bad habit of using plastic utensils because it was “easier”. I was too lazy to wash a metal fork and reusable plate after a meal in my dorm room. In the long run, buying reusable kitchenware saves money and is way better for the environment because you don’t have to throw away a paper plate, plastic, and spoon or knife after every meal you have in your dorm.

My freshman year, I did not use the recycling bin as it’s purpose instead I used it for extra waste. I’m embarrassed, but I learned, if I need another waste basket, I should go buy a cheap one from Walmart not substitute the recycling bin for waste. Don’t make the same mistake: use the recycling bin for its original purpose of putting less waste into landfills. 

Everyone preaches using reusable bags, but I always seem to forget mine or not have one when I need it. This summer I invested in these foldable reusable grocery bags. They come in packs of 5 and adorable patterns. The best part is that they fold small enough for me to put in my backpack or purse. This way when I make an unexpected trip to the grocery store I will still have my reusable bags. If you still forget your bags: always make sure you get paper over plastic at check out!

Last but not least, when I did my grocery shopping for my dorm I bought compostable garbage bags and reusable paper towels. You can reuse most reusable towels 10 times at least and they are usually machine washable. While you may not think about these, they are simple changes that make a big difference.

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