Shopping for new clothes is easily one of my favorite activities. Picking out new pieces and putting together outfits is very exciting to me. What’s not exciting is having to spend lots of money on a new wardrobe. As a ~broke college student~, I always strive to find deals, sales and discount stores. Thrifting is my favorite way to shop for cheap clothes that won’t break the bank, and an added plus to thrifting is that is a sustainable way to shop. I’ve recently been trying to switch all my clothes shopping at second-hand stores, but it’s not always easy to find the specific items you’re looking for.

As I’ve been shopping a bit more for the back to school season, I’ve been collecting new items to change up my wardrobe. I put together a few outfits to wear for any occasion during the late summer months. All items in each outfit are all budget-friendly but still super cute. 

The first outfit is super easy to put together but still looks trendy. The base of the outfit is a pair of vintage Wrangler jeans [found for only $1.99!!] that I turned into shorts and a thrifted Harley Davidson tee tucked in. To spice up the outfit, I add a thrifted cheetah bandana [very trendy right now], hoop earrings, a few stacked necklaces and bracelets [I wear the same ones every day], and a mauve handbag from TJ Maxx. I top off the look with a pair of black slip-on vans and now it’s the perfect fit to wear just about anywhere. 

The next outfit is taking the same shorts from the first look [these shorts have been my go-to shorts all summer] and pairing it with an orange scarf tied as a shirt. This has been a huge trend that has been very popular recently and can be worn multiple different ways. I pair this look with the same jewelry and sometimes dress it up a bit with a pair of tan platform sandals. 

The third outfit is a lot dressier for around the same price as the past two outfits. The base of the outfit is a pair of yellow flowy pants found at the thrift store for only $2.99! For the top, I took the bandana from the first outfit and tie it on like a tube top. The colors of these two pieces look fantastic together. To top off the outfit, I put on the same tan platform sandals and also add some gold hoop earrings. 

The last outfit is perfect for any concert or a night out on the town and is so easy to put together. The base of the outfit is a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans and a black long sleeve top. Any black top works, however, I choose to go with an off the shoulder style to draw attention to my shoulders. To make the outfit pop, I add a statement belt to be the main part of the outfit. This belt has a tortoise shell circle buckle that is super in right now. For the shoes, I would either dress it up even further with a pair of black wedges or dress it down a bit with a pair of black slip-on vans.

All of these outfits are possible on a budget. I am able to reuse clothing items in different ways for multiple looks and still make it look brand new. They are super cute without hurting the bank, so that makes them a whole lot more enjoyable! Keeping an eye out on your local thrift stores and sales at all your favorite retailers is the best way to have an affordable wardrobe!

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