Growing up in a small suburb of Toledo was something that I never appreciated until I went away  for college. I always had this stereotype of Toledo in my mind that it was boring, run-down and the only thing there ever was to do with your friends that was safe was to go eat food. Don’t get me wrong, Toledo has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life [seriously], but I didn’t see the real beauty of my hometown until I had left.  

Now that it’s my first summer home from college, I’m beginning to appreciate where I live more than ever before. I’m trying new restaurants and revisiting my all-time favorites, as well as just enjoying my small town of Ottawa Hills by going on late-night car rides with my friends or boyfriend and just talking. I’ve really begun to see just how much Toledo has to offer and am so excited to be able to share just a little piece of my hometown with all of you.

Fowl and Fodder is a newer restaurant in Toledo, having two locations; one in downtown Toledo and one in Sylvania, Ohio, one town over. Fowl and Fodder prides itself on serving customers the best food possible, as most of its produce, dairy products and meat are locally sourced and organically cultivated. Fowl and Fodder also serves vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free cuisine, which is something that is often hard to come by. Most of the products that the restaurant uses to create the wonderful menu items that they offer are harvested right here in Ohio.

I frequent this restaurant with my friends and this was actually the first place I ate at on my first trip back home from college in mid-October. A Fowl and Fodder fan-favorite among my friends and I is the avocado toast and the “dirty” lemonade. Now, this isn’t your average avocado toast, or your average lemonade. The avocado toast is an avocado puree served with a squash compote and leafy greens on toasted oat bread. I choose to order my avocado toast with two sunny-side up eggs to dip them in, which adds another dimension of  flavor. To wash it all down, the “dirty” lemonade is the only option, in my opinion. The freshly-squeezed lemonade with added charcoal powder is equal parts sweet and tangy. This meal will always be a brunchtime staple for me.

Fowl and Fodder is just one piece of Toledo that I will always remember and always come home for. Toledo has more to offer than meets the eye, and if you’re ever in town, Fowl and Fodder is just one of the many places I would recommend you explore.  

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