I’ve been watching beauty influencers on YouTube for at least 10 years. I would sit at my mom’s desk at home for hours watching Bethany Mota make DIY hair bows, Blair Fowler give a tour of her outrageous closet filled with Abercrombie graphic t-shirts, and Amanda Steele, the same age as me, giving an “everyday” makeup tutorial to her audience. I’ve continued following the beauty community, giving more attention to the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle community, because that’s what I love. I love seeing people do their makeup, show you their outfits and take you along on their day. However, the beauty community has begun to feel like a competition between beauty influencers about who has the most followers or who’s making the most money. The fame has now taken over their once creative outlets and turned it into a cycle of  never-ending brand deals, instead of what used to be influencers doing what they love for their fanbase

Recently, James Charles has been “outed” for abusing his fame, amongst other questionable actions, which garners the question, who on social media really are great role models and are in it for the right reasons? You can only tell so much from an individual’s social media presence, but I’ve always felt that I’ve had a good sense of who has good character and intentions, and who doesn’t.  With that being said, when it comes to Margot De Reimer, known as “margotlee” on YouTube, she fits my idea of an influencer with that good character and intention that we should all be looking in for who we follow.

Margot has been on Youtube for years, and with the growth of social media, she has created a rather large community on Instagram, Twitter and even VSCO, a photography app. I discovered Margot’s videos when I was preparing to leave for college, as she has several videos depicting her journey to Syracuse University, where she studies. What I find most compelling about Margot is her ability to balance “real life” such as school, friends, family and even college life with her online personality.

Margot’s YouTube content ranges from makeup tutorials, featuring brands such as Glossier, known for giving you that “no makeup” look, to vlogs, and even fitness routine videos. Before attending Syracuse University, and even after, Margot made videos for her viewers like “what you should and shouldn’t bring to college,” and even a tour of her dorm room. Margot also chronicles her involvement in her sorority, Tri Delta, in her videos, which further gives us viewers an all encompassed look at her life.  As a college student myself, I love seeing how other individuals are enjoying such a pivotal time in their lives, and how different college is for every single person.

These past few months Margot has shared her study abroad experience on her social media that showcases her journey across Europe, while still dominating the fashion game. As a college student myself, I find it inspiring to share that much of your personal life with people you may never even meet, and I believe there’s something quite vulnerable in doing so. She’s giving up so much of her privacy to let us in on the moments of her life, which people often do judge and make assumptions.  

I truly think Margot is the future of the beauty community. Her work is genuine and showcases the life of a real student who does real things and lives their life, while sharing it with thousands of followers. Even though she’s only a few years older than me, I truly look to Margot as a role model and inspiration for my own social media presence.  

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