If there’s one thing I’ve learned after being in quite a few airports throughout my life, it’s that traveling can be STRESSFUL. But, I’ve also learned how to minimize the majority of the stress.. Here are my top five tips for making traveling a breeze.

Get to the airport early

I always joke about how I could never marry [let alone travel] with someone who gets to the airport 20 minutes before their flight boards, but I mean it. I am definitely the type of person who gets to the airport 2-3 hours before my flight takes off ~just in case~. There is nothing more anxiety inducing than getting into a security line that is a mile long and realizing you might not have enough time to get to your gate. Also, if you’re traveling in a popular airport [O’hare, JFK, LAX, etc.] those airports are BIG. It is so easy to get lost in them or take a wrong turn and add 20 minutes onto your search for your terminal. Get there as early as possible to allow ample time for browsing gift shops, grabbing a coffee, using the restroom, filing up your water bottle and of course, people watching.

Pack light

There is nothing worse than showing up to the airport with two suitcases, a duffle bag and a backpack. Not only is it a hassle to maneuver through airport with all that, but traveling at your final destination will be just as difficult. Just because a luggage set comes with three pieces does NOT mean you have to bring all of them. Try to fit everything into one checked bag and one carry-on [ie. big rolling suitcase and backpack/purse]. I always aim to pack clothes in half of my suitcase and the other half I save for toiletries, first-aid kits, shoes, etc. [this allows me to have extra room on the way back for souvenirs!]. In my carry-on I keep snacks, electronic devices, important documents and a book or two.

Pack snacks

Unless your flight is only an hour and you could navigate the airport in your sleep, flying can be a day-long venture. Therefore, you’re going to need to eat and airport food is expensive [we here at LVNG Limitless are always ballin’ on a budget, so I’m sure you are too]. Bring a variety of snacks to the airport with you to avoid spending your life savings on a bag of chips. Instead, use that money for the fun trip ahead of you.

Keep all important documents accessible

Passport, driver’s license, boarding pass, photocopies of documents, insurance card, debit/credit card, etc. all need to be within close reach so that you aren’t fumbling around and wasting precious time looking for them in your bag. That being said, they also need to be tucked away to prevent from being stolen. I have a passport holder [with RFID protection] that I wear around my neck under my shirt to keep everything with me and readily available. It seems silly, but I would much rather be certain that all of my ducks are in a row than be checking my backpack constantly to see if anything important has been stolen.

Always carry  cash

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, it is never a bad idea to carry cash. I personally don’t like having a lot of cash on me at once just in case, but having $20 to $50 for food, a taxi or tip is never a bad idea. Plus, in other countries, there are places that don’t take cards at all so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

The next time you’re frazzled about your latest traveling adventure, try out these tips! I PROMISE they will reduce at least some of the stress and help ease your mind. What travel tips have you thought up throughout your experiences? Share with us on Instagram!

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