This summer my weeks will be filled with 60 hours of work between two jobs to save money for my fall semester tuition. I have decided going into summer to not let all of this working keep me from having fun. I have been at it for a week and I can definitely say that I am still excited for summer.

One big factor that has kept me feeling excited about summer is keeping a positive mental attitude. When waking up at six in the morning to go to work instead of feeling annoyed that I’m up early to go work for 12 hours, I focus on how I am lucky to even be waking up. I focus on how I get to wake up to see the sunrise while I enjoy my cup of coffee. I’ve gotten up a bit earlier so I can enjoy my morning and not feel like I have to rush out the door. I listen to music, prepare a simple breakfast, and get ready. This has made going to work at 8 am a way more positive experience and now I look forward to getting up and enjoying my morning. Though sometimes I find it hard to get up in the morning, I still think that I am way more of a morning person and I thrive off of early mornings. I am going to channel this early riser part of me and use it to start going to the gym at 6 am.

While at work, I keep up my positive attitude while and try to focus less on ‘what time is’ or ‘how much longer until I’m off’ and more on ‘what else can I do to get my mind off the clock and make time go by faster’. Keeping myself busy makes the time fly by. My full time job is at a daycare, so when I’m not doing teacher things like making a bulletin board or planning for summer camp, I try to play and connect with the kids as much as I can. I love getting to know my kids as much as I can while working the summers. Kids have such an interesting perspective and it’s fun to hear about their silly stories.

After my long work days I try to avoid laying right down as I get home. I try to keep myself up and make plans with my friends or family. I like to to keep myself up and doing something after work so my days don’t turn into just working. Whether it be having a bonfire with my friends or a quick Target run with my sister, I like to doing something fun before turning in for the night.

Overall, this first week has really shown me that it is still possible for me to have fun and I am honestly super excited to see what else this summer has in store for me.

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