Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring can be quite a hassle. You don’t know if you should dress for the 40 degree weather in the morning or the 70 degree sunshine-filled afternoon. Regardless of the outfit you choose to rock during this unpredictable season, hair trends seen on the runway or by your favorite social media influencers are sure to spice up any outfit. Check out our favorites below.

Hair Scarves

Hair scarves come in a variety of styles and can be worn in a multitude of ways. Personally, I love wearing a hair scarf while my hair is half-up and half-down, or even in a high ponytail. To add a little more zest to this timeless look, try some beachy waves in hair to create a casual and cute bohemian look. [Tip: Using hair scarves as belts can take a plain outfit and make it #fashun.]

Thick Headbands

Thick headbands can also give the bohemian vibe that currently graces those glossy, fashion magazine spreads. These headbands are not only cute, but also functional when wanting to keep your hair out of your face [they’re my go-to for any yoga flow]. I bought two of my favorite headbands on sale from Urban Outfitters a few months ago for under $10.


Scrunchies have been a staple since the 1980s and 1990s and come in a variety of unique styles [My favorite is the velvet material]. You can usually find them fairly cheap on websites like Amazon. I love dressing-up a low bun with a fun-colored scrunchie, rocking another half-up and half-down hairdo or even wearing it on my wrist. Scrunchies can also be worn for both casual and dressed-up occasions. For example, scrunchies can be worn when going to class in an athleisure outfit or getting dressed-up for a dinner out on the town.  


I think we can all remember a time when our parents were getting us ready for school and clipped those dreaded barrettes into our hair. They were somewhat painful, but within the past few months, barrettes of all kinds have been prevalent in the fashion industry. From the runways to celebrities out and about and even on our favorite social media influencers. My favorite kind of barrettes are acrylic and have a very vintage vibe to them. I also LOVE barrettes that have text on them [they add a #quirky vibe to any outfit]. I love pulling back one side of my hair and placing multiple barrettes stacked on top of one another.  Butterfly clips also accompany barrettes in the revival of early 2000s hair trends. I also like taking one or two of these throwback hair accessories and slicking my hair back on one side, or even both sides.

We’re OBSESSED with these current hair trends [you can find at least one of the LVNG Limitless gals rocking one of these looks every day]. Show us how you use your hair to amp up your style and tag us on Instagram!

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