If someone were to ask me a few months ago what I am looking forward to, summer break would not be my top choice. Between working two jobs and trying to balance a social life with friends and family, the three months off school are looking more like a scheduled agenda than a vacation. Working over 60 hours a week is non-negotiable since I need to save up money for tuition for next semester as well as for rent for my senior year and maybe even for a move to Los Angeles for an internship. Finances are a constant stressor in my life, but I’ve realized that it doesn’t always need to be at the top of my priorities.

After a few months of absolutely dreading my life this summer, I decided to try and make some changes that would make me happier than just clocking in and out of a job everyday. I first asked a few friends if they would want to work with me at one of my jobs. They loved the opportunity I gave them and they will now be working with me 40 out of the 60 hours of the week. This was a huge deal to me because now instead of spending another summer working with strangers again, I’ll have two of my best friends. I also was able to easily make working two jobs this summer easier for me by adjusting my hours at one of the jobs. This helped me stress less about making sure I’ll be working enough hours a week. Since working is a huge part of my summer, these changes helped me have a much more positive outlook and I’m actually excited to get back and work. Another way I decided to turn this summer more into a positive experience, I decided to take advantage of my off days. Though 60+ hours is a lot, I will only be doing that during the week and will have the weekends to myself. I plan to use these weekends to take mini trips to surrounding states and hanging out with my best friends. If someone would have asked me a month ago what I’m looking forward to, summer break would not be my top choice. But, when asked now what I’m looking forward to, my immediate response is days filled with best friends and weekends soaking in the sun, living as if I don’t have a care in the world.

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