Just before spring break, I uploaded a blog post on my personal blog titled “Creating Calm Within Chaos.” This is by far one of my favorite blog posts to date.

As I explained in the original post, I’ve struggled a lot this semester with time management and spreading myself too thin by taking on too many commitments. This blog post was the first time I’ve ever gotten truly vulnerable online regarding my mental health. I’ve always been so quick to push my feelings to the side because I know that other people are struggling more than I am and I want to focus my energy on supporting them, not on myself. But, as I learned over the past few months, it takes a lot of strength to ask for help and recognize that sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to benefit you in the long run.

Though I posted this blog post partially to update my family and friends, I posted it mostly for myself. Sometimes it’s hard to have an actual conversation about how I’m feeling when I don’t even fully understand it myself, so I turned to writing. Putting all of my thoughts and feelings into words helped me make sense of everything and find the silver lining. Posting these words was my way of releasing all of the suppressed emotions that I had let fester inside of me for so long. Even if no one read it, at least I could let go of that negativity.

However, people did read.

Within an hour of my posting the blog and sharing it on my social media, I had multiple people texting, commenting, tweeting at me and sharing my post. I had always known I have an incredible support system around me who love and care for me unconditionally, but being reminded of that during one of my most nerve-wracking experiences [it wasn’t easy for me to hit that “publish” button] was surreal.

One of my biggest goals as a writer has always been to give people something they can relate to or find interest in. After posting this blog post, so many people told me they could relate to the feelings I described. Some even said that it was the perfect thing they needed to read that day. While writing, I hoped that sharing my experience would help shed a light on how to cope with such stress, but hearing that I actually did help was so reassuring.

“Creating Calm Within Chaos” is my favorite blog post to date because it reminds me of the impact my words actually can have. As a journalist and a blogger, that’s all I could hope for.

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