Sunshine. Sunflowers. Ducks. Chicks. Denny’s. Daffodils. Lemons. Snapchat. Bananas. Emojis. Bees. Stars. Lemonade. Canaries. The theme of this blog.

What do all of these things have in common? They’re yellow of course. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about the color yellow. Yellow is a color I try to relate to as often as I can. It makes me happy. Few things do these days, but yellow? Happy as a clam.

I try to relate to the color yellow as often as I can because it does make me so happy. Whether I’m wearing my yellow vans, my phone background is yellow, my nails are painted yellow, etc. I try to add a pop of yellow to myself every single day.

Something I like to do is “flex” on my depression. When i have bad days, or struggle to keep going, I look to the color yellow and I’m immediately more radiant. I may have no serotonin in my body whatsoever but as long as I’m looking at the color yellow, there’s at least some hope for a good day ahead.

I think of a lot of things when I see the color yellow. I think of a warm summer day on the ocean, the breeze cascading across the shore, smiles from everyone involved.

I think of a day with friends, laughing in a coffee shop, ignoring homework and responsibilities because you’d much rather hear about drama than read 100 pages. [We love a good coffee shop tea party, honestly.]

I think of the word bloom. How I’m still growing, blooming. No matter how many bad days, long nights, missed responsibilities, I’m still growing and one day, I’m going to bloom.

We all have something. Something that gives us joy, something that gives us hope. Sometimes it’s coffee, sometimes it’s a dog, other times, it’s a primary color that turns every frown upside down.

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